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SIMRAD - Trawl Eye

Simrad developed and introduced the first wireless catch sensors more than 40 years ago. Latest development is the Simrad PX TrawlEye system which provides a real time echogram from the trawl via a wireless link.

With the introduction of multifunction catch monitoring PX sensors, the challenge is how to show the information in a friendly way for the captain. Simrad’s TV80 is designed to fulfil this concept, as it is able to create a layout of up to four independent views.

Compared with the 3rd wire system, the wireless system will not provide you with a full picture of the trawl opening, and likewise the acoustic communication link between the receiver and the sensors can be challenging, due to propeller, pumps, compressors and other systems onboard generating noise.

The wireless TrawlEye as well as the older generation PI sensors have already been in use onboard a long list of trawlers in Bangladesh, and is know as both the most advanced system with the fastest update rate on the market, as well as the most price competitive system available.

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