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The first sonar introduced to the commercial fishing fleet was in 1952 onboard the Norwegian fishing vessel called “Ramoen”. Since then, Simrad has been first with a number of revolutionary features. Today, the sonar family has grown to include 4 different sonars: SX90, SH90, SU90 and the new SN90 forward-looking sonar.



The Simrad SX90 is a low frequency, high-definition, long range sonar. The SX90 is specially designed for vessels where high resolution combined with long range is needed.

The SX90 sonar offers unique features such as full circle beam stabilization for easier fish detection and 11 different sonar operating frequencies to avoid interference from other sonars.

The long range and higher definition of the SX90 will improve your catching abilities and help you make better use of your time at sea. Great emphasis has been placed on giving the best possible overview in the search and catch situation. In addition, full screen echo presentation, resizable windows, off center, zoom and dual operation are standard functions on all sonar models.

With the new software upgrade you will likewise be able to have multi ping and dual screens, giving you an opportunity to work with two screens. One with long range and one with short range. You can evaluate one school while tracking two other targets, giving you full control of school and net from detection to catch.

In Bay of Bengal the Simrad SX90 hull sonars have already proven highly efficient and easy to operate by vessel captains where the sonar technology is still new.


The SN90 is a new and highly efficient tool for trawlers. The forward-looking medium range, high frequency sonar is ideal for scattered fish, during the season where school fish are not so common in Bay of Bengal.

The high resolution of up to 5 inspection beams covering up to a 160° horizontal angle allows you to detect and investigate single fish size and school biomass, even those close to the bottom, from a distance of several hundred meters.


Again it must be stressed that the SN90 sonar is not meant as a potential alternative or replacement of the SX90 long range sonar, but more like a favourable addition to help optimise your fishing operation.

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